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“A brilliant growth-mindset journal that will take 5 minutes to do and will leave a lasting positive impact on the child and the whole family. One of the absolute BEST things I’ve ever done for my kids.” – Melanie W.

“It has changed the whole vibe of our morning to a growth, positive, problem-solving mindset. It will bring calm and closeness to your family each morning and get the whole family started on the right foot! You have to try it!! – Katelin


Kindness. Honesty. Empathy. Respect. A Simple Seed is a morning journal for kids and their parents to start the day strong, teaching important character values and the benefits of practicing gratitude and positive self-talk. Simple yet powerful lessons during breakfast show children how to be their best selves and their own best friend. They’ll learn how to overcome obstacles, take responsibility, persevere, and accept themselves for who they are.  Each entry is accompanied by a giggle, daily challenges, and a parental perspective to spark meaningful conversation with kids about the things that matter most.

A Simple Seed reinforces a growth mindset, helping children build the habit of choosing love over hate, forgiveness over anger and courage over fear. Through daily entries, they’ll come to understand they are always in control of their attitudes and efforts and can trust themselves to meet life’s challenges with confidence and inner strength.

Parenting can be rewarding but incredibly challenging, too. A Simple Seed gives busy parents the chance to empower and make deeper connections with their children. A foundation for good mental and emotional health is the greatest gift we can give our kids. Now, more than ever, children need to learn the essential life skills that will help them manage their emotions, develop resiliency, and flourish!


Out of 100 people: surveyed:

95% of parents who responded said it helped them start conversations with their kids about having a growth mindset.

90% of parents who responded said it helped create calmer morning routines and/or created a more positive start to their children’s day.

95% of parents who responded said it helped their children learn about, focus on, and

express gratitude.

Participants say A Simple Seed provides the following benefits:

Centering their child for the day and starting off with a smile

Setting their mindset for the day in a positive way

Helping their child be more mindful of their actions and words

Helping their child look for little things to be grateful about

Providing quality time spent together as parent and child

Helping their child learn to anticipate obstacles and have a growth mindset about them

Helping their child see themselves in a different light because of the I AM statements

Creating better communication and richer conversation between parent and child

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