Who’s in Control – You or Your Critics?

This is for the creators — all of you who are putting yourselves out there in the world and creating something new — like a business, a piece of art, a book, or a bold new idea. It’s exciting, right? There’s a total rush that comes with flexing your creative or entrepreneurial muscles and just going for it.

But as sure as I know all the positives to creating and heading down a bold new path, I also know that “being out there” brings with it people who are determined to bring you down.

We’ll call these people “critics.” I could use a different name, but I’ll keep it clASSy.

Critics may laugh at what you’re doing, or they may express concern. They may doubt you, roll their eyes, or even do things to try to sabotage your success.

Dealing with critics is never fun, but there are two things you need to accept when you step out of your comfort zone and go forward with any new venture:

  1. Critics come with the territory. There’s no way around it, so expect it.
  2. You always have a choice in how you react to them.

    If you can accept that you’ll encounter critics as you head down a new path, then you can be prepared for how you react to them when they inevitably show up.You can either…

    let their criticism get to you and stop you in your track


    let their criticism bounce off you and keep moving toward your goals.

    Of those choices, which one do you tend to make most often?

    If you said choice #1, I get it…dealing with criticism isn’t easy. It’s very normal to care about what other people think. And when the criticism is coming from those you love and trust, it can be so easy to take it to heart, start doubting yourself, and quit.

    But here’s the thing: the only way to truly avoid criticism is to hide away and never take any risks. That might keep you safe for a while, but life becomes p-r-e-t-t-y boring if you do that for any length of time.

    Instead, get to a point where you’re completely confident in what you’re doing — where your purpose and your passion have more power than your fears. When you know that what you’re doing is serving you, your family, and the people you love, you can create with confidence and tune out the critics.


Because at the end of the day, criticizing is easy, but creating is hard. Instead of taking a leap of faith and working on creating something of their own, critics tend to follow their fear and hold back. Criticizing others is one way to make them feel a little bit better, if only temporarily.

Realizing this will help you to push through and continue creating. You’ll be so glad you did. And then you’ll never have to look back and think, “What if I did show up? What if I didn’t listen to the critics? What would my life have looked liked today?”

Friends, have the courage to make a life you’re proud of. Accept that part of the journey might include getting your butt kicked from time to time. If you can push past your fear and keep moving forward, you’ll soon replace the worry of criticism with the unshakable joy of success. And remember, you can do hard things.

Lots of love,

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