The All-Important Shift from “Maybe” to “Must”

I get asked from time to time what my motivation was for changing my life – what got me to finally give up sleepwalking through my daily grind and start taking ownership over every single day.

I think most people expect me to tell them about a moment of clarity I had, or a Pinterest quote I read that changed everything in an instant.

But it wasn’t any of that. Instead, it was a shift in my mindset.

The mind is extremely powerful. It will believe whatever you tell it to believe, and it will find evidence to support those beliefs. For example, if you’re focused on joy, success, and fun, your mind will help you see and experience more joy, success, and fun. If you’re focused on negativity, worry, and fear, your mind will help you see and experience more negativity, worry, and fear. It’s not attached in any way to the thoughts you’re having…it just dishes up exactly what you’re focused on.

Once I realized this, it became clear that I needed to control my mind, and change the beliefs I had about myself and what was possible for my life.

One thing that made a huge difference for me was to stop living in “Maybe Land.” We’ve all lived in Maybe Land, right? It’s that uninspired place where there’s no commitment or drive, and people walk around saying things like:

“Maybe I’ll be happy someday.”
“Maybe one day I’ll start a business.”
“Maybe I’ll eventually do the things I need to do to change my life.”

I can’t stress this enough: it’s crucial that we get out of Maybe Land! Nothing good happens there – no progress, no growth, no success.  Just a lot of frustration and weeds.

To finally see the results you’re looking for, you’ve got to change your “maybe” to a “MUST.” You need to fully commit to your goals, because it’s only when you must reach them that you actually do.

When you must accomplish something, there’s a certainty and belief that forms in every part of you. It’s when this belief overtakes you that true magic happens — things start to fall into place, you feel your confidence building, and progress begins to unfold. You want to continue working toward your goals because your beliefs keep reinforcing that you’re on your way to success.

But beware: this works on the flipside, too.

If your beliefs are telling you that “maybe” things will work out (or even worse, that they won’t!), you’ll have a much harder time taking action toward your goals. The lack of action will affect the results you see, and then those crappy results go right back to affirm your belief, leaving you saying, “See, I knew it wouldn’t work out.”

Yikes! Let’s stop that cycle, and take charge of our mindset…quick!

But how do you do that?

To start, know that you don’t have to feel confident all the time to be successful. Everyone struggles with fear and worry; it will always be there. But you can move forward anyway by focusing on these three things:

  1. Be aware of the voices in your head and exchange the negative ones for positive.
  2. Visualize the results you want to achieve.
  3. Act as if they’ve already happened.

The moment you believe in the not-yet-seen, that’s when your reality starts to change.

Friends, we all have greatness inside us, but it’s our belief that holds us back. Everything we do in life is based on our beliefs, whether we know it or not. So start approaching your goals with total commitment, as if your life depends on them.

Because guess what…

Your life really does depend on them.

Lots of Love,

P.S Tell me in the comments one area of your life that you’re ready to shift from “maybe” to MUST. There’s no time like right now!

P.P.S. Need help shifting your mindset? Download my Mind Your Mindset Exercise to help get you started!

Hi, I’m Katie!


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